Aurelia and Riana

Aurelia & Raina

Aurelia and her friend Riana, a tanta (aka “Fork Marked Dwarf Lemur)

I haven’t been doing a lot of writing recently, and even less drawing. Sad but true! What I have been doing is a lot of walking (damn you Pokemon Go!) and a fair amount of formatting. I’ve been working on the second anthology for our Writers’ Guild and I think, given the time and effort, that this will be my last combined anthology. The stories are great, and I’ve had a lot of support on the editing process, but wowsies… formatting takes time! However, I’ve gotten two actual paying projects for formatting to work on as well, so we’ll see how that fans out. Maybe one day I will be able to give up the day job…

Meanwhile, I’m trying to prepare myself for NaNoWriMo by: a, clearing out projects out of the way and b, deciding what story to work on.

I’ve several options:

  1. Rewrite “Tail of Two Scions” again.
  2. Rewrite “Furritasia: Reborne” (like I promised I was going to about a month ago).
  3. Finally finish my Pokemon Fanfiction with a Poke-apocalyse story.
  4. Write a series of short chapter books aimed at the 6-9 years market, each featuring a different animal having adventures.
  5. Write a romance/love story (maybe the story between Kataryna Lemieux and Daniel Galbraith)

Anybody wish to help me with suggestions? I suppose I could always try all of the above and switch between them. Seeing which one works for me!

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