Around 1999 I discovered Pokemon. I may have been older than the target market, but the concept of creatures with magical powers really captured my attention and I quickly immersed myself in the fandom. Not only did I join the screeds of people creating their own fan-made Pokemon, but I also took to writing Pokemon fanfiction. My heroine, Kataryna, began her story as a fairly regular Pokemon trainer. She’d run away from home (I don’t recall why), picked up a starter Pokemon from the Professor – a fan-made Pokemon named Makimur – and set off on her journey. Somewhere along the way, she stopped catching Pokemon and started saving them, and the world.

If you can forgive the vast amounts of typos, inconsistent spellings, and general amateurish feel, Kataryna’s Pokemon stories can be found on Fanfiction.net.

I stopped writing them in 2004, one chapter from the end of the Mew Chronicles. At that point, only two generations of Pokemon existed, and I’d used a combination of the Japanese and English names for Generation 2, thanks to the serialized nature of my stories. I was quite proud of the Mew Chronicles, and had a “guest star” in every chapter (at that point I was still actively hosting a PBeM roleplaying game called Lake Eerie). However, my enthusiasm drained one chapter from the end, and the tales concluded with the main villain, a megalomaniac named Loki, having stolen the power from 5 of the 7 Mew sisters, and kidnapping Kataryna.

Not only that, but our heroes had broken into a top secret research facility using a porygon named “Murphy” (because when it was involved, everything that could go wrong, went wrong) and released dozens of captive Pokemon into the wild.

It’s now been 14 years, and I thought it would be amusing to continue Kataryna’s story. But not where the last one left off, no, not at all… Our story commences 14 years later, when Kataryna awakens from an extremely long sleep and finds that everything has changed.

Loki has won. The world lies in ruins. The reckless actions of her team has had extreme repercussions…

Dark Pokemon fanfiction/post apocalyptic. Some scenes may disturb and contains violence. Recommended for mature readers (13+).

Please excuse any inconsistencies with the previous stories I’ve written, the Pokemon franchised has developed quite dramatically in the interim. But please, enjoy the fact that my writing style has improved somewhat, and I (hopefully) have a better grasp of grammar.