Book Launch: Tiriki’s Great Escape AND the Tamariki Book festival

It has been a quiet few months, but finally, I’m back!

The second in my New Zealand Naturally series, “Tiriki’s Great Escape” will be released on November 24th at the Tamariki book festival in Christchurch. It will be an exciting event for the whole family, with a number of local authors and illustrators, performances from local school groups, authors doing readings, and lots of interactive activities for the children, including some bug handling (well, invertebrates, as not all invertebrates are bugs!). I shall have puppet Tiriki along, and shall be reading the first chapter from my novel, as well as telling the audience a little about the kea. Each guest will have their own little area with interractive features, and mine will likely have a drawing/colouring table upon which people (kids and big kids!) can try their hand at drawing Tiriki the kea, in flight.

Last minute flurry of preparations is currently abounding, with my fingers crossed that my shipment of books will arrive before the event, and that the postcards and stickers I just ordered will also arrive on time!

Anyway, if you are wanting to find something fun to do with the family on Saturday, 24th November, rock on down to Rauora Park, in the central city, and meet some of our local authors, including myself (Angela Oliver), Robinne Weiss, Michele Clark McConnochie, Yulia Potts, and more! Plus lots of fun activities to keep everyone entertained (and I’ve been promised there shall be coffee!). 


Wish Upon a Southern Star Book Launch

The Southern Cross shines high above a fairy tale wood. Come step inside. Drink dew from the leaves with tiny Tommelise. Eat egg sandwiches with a toothy young troll. Escape with Rapunzel. Trick Rumpelstiltskin. Shiver in the snow. Climb the beanstalk. Pray to the Piper. Be a cat. In and out of the wood, whether in this world or another, these stories will take you to new places. Explore how far you can go in this anthology of twenty-one fairy tale retellings by New Zealand and Australian authors. 

When: Saturday 2nd September, 2-4 pm
Where: South Library, 66 Colombo Street, Cashmere

Who: Meet 17 of the contributing authors, including:
Mahoney Adair, Stacey Campbell, Shelley Chappell, Hannah Davison, Graham Davidson, Simon Fogarty, MAria Hansen, S.M. Harris, K.S. Liggett, Sara Litchfield, John Lowe, Virginia Lowe, Megan Norris, Kate O’NEil, J.L. O’Rourke, Leigh Roswen and ME, Angela Oliver.

My short story, Kissa the Cat, is included in the collection, which will also be available for purchase on the day.

We authors will also be selling our books or other merchandise, therefore bringing cold, hard cash is recommended (or paper, paper money is fine!).

Collaborative book: Once Upon a Wash

I’ve been busy these past few months helping my lovely friend, Matty Angel, realise her dream of becoming a published author. Matty is a poet and an artist. She is also autistic. I feel very fortunate to have met and befriended Matty – she is one of the sweetest people I know. So when I heard she wanted to release a book, I had to help her.
And I had the privilege of illustrating it for her too.

Late one night, I heard a strange sound… and followed my favorite pink striped sock into another world.
A very scary world…

“Once Upon a Wash” is a lively poem-story, written by autistic poet, Matty Angel and illustrated by Angela Oliver.

“Once Upon a Wash” is being released in two formats – the smaller black and white chapter book, and a larger full color edition. Having seen the two side-by-side, I can definitely say that the color version is well worth the higher price! It contains a couple more images, has larger font, and the font is blue. We have been told that this makes it easier for dyslexics to read, so hopefully that is the case. Either way, it’s a delightful story and I had an immense lot of fun drawing Bear Friend Autumn, Pink Striped Sock, the dastardly Sock Soldiers, a large amount of washing machines, and hiding Matty’s cat, Princess Nomnom, in every interior illustration.

If you live in New Zealand and wish to order a copy, signed by Matty and I, please visit this page: Once Upon a Wash Pre-order

If you live outside New Zealand and wish to order it, the color version will be available through Amazon later this week.

And, if you wish to learn more about Matty, and read her poetry and other posts for yourself, please visit her blog: Matty Angel

(All proceeds from this book are going to Matty.)