Aroha’s Grand Adventure (2012)
Format: Paperback | ebook
Like all weka, Aroha is curious and smart. When her tummy leads her into trouble, she finds herself snatched from her peaceful home in Grey and carried across the countryside. Alone in this strange new place, what is one young weka to do? Follow her instincts and find her way home, of course. Her journey takes her through farmland and swamp, across rivers and over mountains. Many dangers and other challenges face her but with courage and determination, one weka can go a long way.
Fellowship of the Ringtails (2013)  (Lemurs Saga bk 1)
Format: Paperback | hardback | Ebook
The kingdom of Madigaska is in turmoil. The King has died under suspicious circumstances and now his Queen has usurped the throne. The only remnant of the last ruler is an illegitimate orphan. Born many miles away, and raised by a peaceable fishing tribe, she knows little of her heritage, her destiny. But with the fierce Hunter, Noir, on her trail, what hope does she have?
Epic fantasy, with lemurs.

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actionshot-topboxsml ZooTrophy: An Ecological Trading Card Game
Race to fill your ecosystem with wild and colourful creatures.
A fun (yet educational) trading game in which you race to complete your ecosystem and food chains, incorporating a wide array of fascinating wildlife from all around the world.
Printed by The Game Crafter.