Aroha’s Grand Adventure (2012)
Format: Paperback | ebook
Lost, alone and far from home, Aroha the weka must journey from Christchurch to Greymouth, having adventures, making many friends (and a few fiends) along the way.
Fellowship of the Ringtails (2013)  (Lemurs Saga bk 1)
Format: Paperback | hardback | Ebook
A dead king. A manipulative usurper. A sadistic hunter.
An illegitimate heir.
How can she survive?
Epic fantasy with lemurs.

Games and Collectible Cards

actionshot-topboxsml ZooTrophy: An Ecological Trading Card Game
Race to fill your ecosystem with wild and colourful creatures.
A fun (yet educational) trading game in which you race to complete your ecosystem and food chains, incorporating a wide array of fascinating wildlife from all around the world.
Printed by The Game Crafter.


coversml LemurKat’s Animal Encyclopedia Volume 1: From Aardvark to Aye-aye
bcover LemurKat’s Animal Encyclopedia Volume 2: From Babirusu to Butterflyfish
Printed via ArtsCow
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