From time to time, I will upload short stories or extracts to this site.

Please note that some of these may be password locked.


Tiriki’s Great Escape:
The first chapter of my soon-to-be released companion book to Aroha’s Grand Adventure.
Tiriki and his kea friends have fun with some human visitors.

Short Stories:

Invasion of the Fittest (2004)
(first published in South Fur Lands magazine)
Rangi is a tawaki (penguin), living in the fiords of southern Aotearoa. His peaceful life is shattered when invaders come across the seas: fierce mammalian predators unlike anything he has ever seen and soon his world will be irrevocably changed.

If Dogs Could Cry (2004)
(written for the annual Sunday Star Times writing competition)
Dogs feel grief too – they just don’t always understand.

Alien Abduction (2010)
(assignment, Writing for Children course)
Raymond is walking home from school, when he has an out-of-this-world encounter.
Immensely fun to write!

Password Protected:

Bloodsong (2001)

Special Delivery (2004)
Labelled on my hard-drive as “Shin-story”, this was a gift for someone (who? I don’t recall). Possibly a story exchange on FurArtXchange. It’s pretty dark and a bit gruesome, hence the password protection.

If you wish to read the “Password Protected” stories, please email me. However, they are password protected for a reason and I reserve the right to decline your request.


Sometimes when I write, I begin with a grandiose idea that fractures into failure, or my interest wanes. Be warned, anything beneath here is not a complete story, and it is highly improbable it ever will be.

Unless you can convince me otherwise.

Quest for Lemuria (2010)

The first draft of “Quest for Lemuria” was written in 2002, the second soon after. This was my fifth, and final attempt, at trying to take the concept and turn it into a story that works. It faltered out around 19,000 words.