Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 1


Those of you who have followed my previous blog,, will know that I used to regularly participate in the monthly writing challenges. What you may also know is that I haven’t written more than a short story in the last two-three years. Partly this was due to my time-consuming Animal-a-day project (now, thankfully, complete). So, this year I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. But it’s a bit of an odd one – because I’m not starting a new manuscript. I’m actually scavenging fragments of my old manuscript, preserving what is important to the plot (with a few character/name changes) and then intending to stitch it together with new material to create a better overall story line. This is hopefully going to come up with a more streamlined final product. That hopefully makes sense.

So, my pirated word-count by 2.11 pm on July 1st: 6141 words

# of new words written: around 1000




XenopsThe Xenops are a Genus of ovenbirds, not to be confused with the ovenbird I drew earlier, which was actually a warbler. Anyway, these Xenops are true ovenbirds and there are three species. This fellow is the Plain Xenops. All three species are found in South America and,although their ovenbird kin  build clay nests into which to lay their eggs, the Xenops  instead fills a tree hole with shredded wood and calls that a nest. Into this she lays her eggs, and both parents help raise their offspring. Xenops are insectivores and scurry up and down tree trunks, prodding into crevices for dinner.