The ZooTrophy Project: A

In October 2013, Angela begun the epic “Animal-a-day” project. This project, later known as “ZooTrophy”, was inspired by My Zoetrope (who went for a year) and Cryptid Creations (who is still going), with the goal being to draw an illustration (in this case, an animal) every day and present it to the world via Social Media. After working her way through her DK Animal Encyclopedia, Angela realised that she wanted to draw way more than 365 critters, and thus began working on a letter a month. But even that proved too restrictive, especially when she discovered that she could bind them up in photobooks (with either 31 or 37 critters).

This project ran for approximately 2 and a half years, finally finishing in April 2016. Here you will find a selection of her top picks for each letter.

(hit “refresh” and the mosaic will rearrange itself)