Happy (Belated) Holiday Tidings to You All!

So, I’m a bit late getting this up there, since everyone is about to go back to work… but anyway, I hope you have enjoyed your holiday season, celebrating in whatever manner you choose. For me, I “celebrated” it with 6-day working weeks and a hearty dose of sleep deprivation, but I am happy to report that we are into 2018 now, and what does that mean?

Well, firstly it means the compulsory: how many of my goals did I achieve in 2017?

The answer? Not as many as I would have liked.

  • None of the writing goals. None of the art goals. I DID celebrate Midsummer’s Eve (and my birthday) in Sweden. It rained, but hey – SWEDEN!
  • Haven’t seen Pumpkins United yet, but I am going to.
  • Saw not only the Darkness but also Avantasia. In Switzerland! So that was a win.
  • Made the reading goal of 100 books, thanks to my husband and his comic collection in the last week. Now, thanks to that, I’m considerably up for this year (yay Giant Days!)
  • Also saw two of my bestest friends married (hopefully this year will see another pair engaged at the very least *nudgenudgewinkwink*).

So what’s gonna be happening in 2018?

Writing Goals:

  • finish writing the book already! (any book)
  • write at least one blog post a month


  • For the love of all that is green and good, DRAW SOMETHING. Anything. And we’re not talking about drawful 2 either.
  • At least draw the annual native-bird-in-a-Christmas-hat (this year, Kereru).


  • Don’t embarrass yourself too much in Japan (don’t be a baka gaijin).
  • Rock out to Helloween (in TOKYO!!!!).
  • Become at least vaguely coherent in Japanese and don’t chicken out of trying to speak it.


  • Read more than 100 books, at least half of which should have more than 100 words per page.

Let’s see if I can achieve any of these this year. I should probably add in something about losing weight, but honestly, I’m more likely to achieve level 40 in Pokemon Go. Of course, the two are definitely not mutually exclusive.

Best wishes for your 2018!