NaNoWriMo Day 15 (content warning: Violence)

I’ve not written a lot, obviously. I’ve been working (full-time), playing Pokemon Go, and revising what I’ve written more that producing new stuff, but I just thought I’d share this snippet. Some folks think that because I write about non-human characters – cute furry animals, lemurs, for example – that my stories are fluffy and light, filled with charming characters and delightful picnics.

They’re wrong.

Also, it should be noted that we are working our way through Game of Thrones season 5 at an average of an episode a night. This may be having an influence on my writing…

Charming characters, perhaps. Delightful picnics, no.

Here’s a snippet from what I’ve written today:

She turned her head, just as a dark shape erupted from the bushes and struck her in the chest, throwing her backwards. Her head struck the hard ground in a flare of bright white pain. She gasped for air, struggling to catch her breath, as heavy weight pressed down on her chest.

There you are.” Mijifajifa leaned over her, exposing his fangs in a feral grin. His breath held the sweet and sour stench of fermented fruit.

Aurelia felt small fragments of rock tumbled away beneath her fingers. She flailed, managed to wrap one hand about the rope that bound the candle-lantern. Clutched it. “What … want?” she gasped.

You took what was mine,” Mijifajifa growled. “Look.” He pressed his fist against her muzzle.

Aurelia saw that the back of his hand had been shaved. A symbol charred into his flesh. Her vision wavered and blurred, unable to focus. She blinked. It didn’t help.

Do you know what this means?”

Aurelia tried to shake her head, but his knuckles ground against her nose. He twisted his wrist. Something crunched and pain flared out from her nose, across her cheeks. Her eyes watered hot, agonised tears.

I am told it means ‘Worthless.’ Do you know how I got it?”

No,” Aurelia whispered. She could taste blood in the back of her throat.

Because you got away. But you’re not going to get away this time.”

She felt something cold and hard, and very, very sharp, press against her.

I’m going to gut you with your own knife.”

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